Waiting for a Father

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Owning that hard-earned union journeyman status guaranteed a good-paying job.

Waiting for a Father

Had he lived, I would have trod in his footsteps to trade school in New Britain, Conn. His experience in the economy of the s had convinced him a union trade was job security; that's what he wanted for me. He could not have known in that in only a decade Linotypes would be relics, and the ITU would fold as the need for his skills evaporated. I dismissed his wishes and I opted for academic studies in high school.

The father who called police on a black man says he did not intend to target the man based on race

My dad was not a scholar, but he was well-read and intelligent. He was of a generation and place that valued a trade more than book learning. I understood why he felt that way. My hometown was a manufacturing city that generated thousands of jobs for skilled workers: tool-and-die makers, vertical turret lathe operators, pipefitters, draftsmen, electricians, pressmen and more. One of my grandfathers manned a sheet metal stamping machine; the other muscled a brass polisher.

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Sons routinely followed fathers into the factories. Dad believed I should do the same with the trade that had worked so well for him at the local newspaper, and for his young family. I went to college, a first in my family.

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I got a university education, stumbled off to North Dakota, created a family and earned a rewarding career in a great state. I'd made the right choice. I think dad would have approved, but the hell of it is, I don't know.

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  • I wish he and I could have talked about it. I wonder what our conversation would have been like.

    Father's Love Letter: Will You Be My Child? I Am Waiting For You!

    Last time I was in my hometown, I visited St. Mary's Cemetery where dad, mom and one set of grandparents are at rest.

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    I talked to dad, told him about my life, his grandkids and great grandkids Although Harry considers Ralph a close friend, he is annoyed at Ralph's extreme attitudes and rarely hesitates to dispute his opinions or preempt his more threatening ambitions. Like many animated series created by Hanna-Barbera in the s, the show contained a laugh track created by the studio.

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    In addition, the laugh track was also slowed considerably. During the —73 season, the DePatie—Freleng studio had an animated Saturday morning series called The Barkleys with a very similar family, only they were all dogs. Joan Gerber was also the voice of the "mom" on that show, Agnes. Other "guests" on the series included thinly disguised versions of celebrities who did not provide their own voices, such as guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. When a crooked car dealer on another episode was perceived by real-life Los Angeles car salesman Cal Worthington as being a send-up of him, he sued the studio Hanna-Barbera , the sponsors Chevrolet and the five NBC -owned stations that carried the show.

    The final two seasons have yet to be released by Warner Archive.

    Poem Of Love From Divorced Dad To His Children, A Waiting Father

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