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Augmented Reality has already gotten into our life in the forms of simulated experiment and education app, but Google is taking it several steps higher with Google Glass. Theoretically, with Google Glass, you are able to view social media feeds, text, Google Maps, as well as navigate with GPS and take photos.

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You will also get the latest updates while you are on the ground. Just as the term suggests, 3D printing is the technology that could forge your digital design into a solid real-life product.

Future and trends of laser technology

Everybody can create their own physical product based on their custom design, and no approval needed from any giant manufacturer! Imagine a future where every individual professional has the capability to mass produce their own creative physical products without limitation. This is the future where personal productivity and creativity are maximized. Virtual Reality gaming is here in the form of Oculus Rift. This history-defining 3D headset lets you mentally feel that you are actually inside a video game.

This is the beginning of the revolution for next-generation gaming.

Top 5 Best Latest Gadgets And Future Technology Coming in 2018-2020_HD #54

The timing is perfect as the world is currently bombarded with the virtual reality topic that could also be attributed to Sword Art Online, the anime series featuring the characters playing games in an entirely virtual world. Oculus Rift is our first step. Multi-touch desktop is a miserably failed product due to the fact that hands could get very tired with prolonged use, but Leap Motion wants to challenge this dark area again with a more advanced idea.

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It lets you control the desktop with fingers, but without touching the screen. The smooth reaction is the most crucial key point here. If this device could completely work with Oculus Rift to simulate a real-time gaming experience, gaming is going to get a major make-over. But Eye Tribe actually did this.

They successfully created the technology to allow you to control your tablet, play flight simulator, and even slice fruits in Fruit Ninja only with your eye movements. A live demo was done in LeWeb this year and we may actually be able to see it in in action in mobile devices in Forests can become the energy stations of the future.

1. Machine Learning will advance Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Here you can watch a video to know more about it. For example, right now Bluerise is working on creating an energy breakthrough by generating utility scale electricity through Ocean thermal energy conversion. It will be able to outcompete fossil fuel based generation and other renewables that require storage and grid balancing.

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It will play a crucial role in the future energy mix being one of the very few constant energy sources, available day and night, year-round. There is a huge demand for developers in Europe, yet most IT education is solely available in English. Deep in underground mines, some zones are inaccessible.

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But company like Inkonova started to work on builds drones that fly, drive and climb and use laser technology to scan zones, and create a 3D map of them. With this advancing aerial robotics technology we will be able to push human reach to any space untouched by man-made infrastructure. The world is changing faster than we think and the way we learn things and what we learn should be changed.

Tech of the future: technology predictions for our world in 2050

Employers should create an engaging learning culture at work by empowering their staff to take ownership of their professional development. Read more about it here. These are the innovations and technologies that I found the most interesting. I am sure, there are much more of them , please feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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Now in its fifth edition, it provides information about technology-driven trends that are particularly relevant for the global insurance sector. A collaborative initiative by Munich Re and ERGO , the annual Tech Trend Radar aims to sharpen awareness of key trends and evoke a conversation about their relevance along the insurance value chain.

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  6. In addition to exploring each of the nearly 50 trends, you can also discover some of the innovative technology solutions Munich Re offers in each of the trend fields. It not only features key facts and figures for each of the trends, but also delves into the associated opportunities and risks. Technology is an important driver of future business. Those who proactively embrace it gain competitive advantages in innovation and productivity. For a mobile version of the Tech Trend Radar please click here. We use cookies to improve your browsing experience and help us to improve our website.

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