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This type of discipline prepares your more important purchases in the future. If your friends ask, tell the truth coolly. Pick those who matter like your immediate family, close family relatives, and close friends. Keep it simple. To save a few extra bucks on travel, catch up with a friend on Facebook or call them on the phone instead. Quality time minus the usual expenses. Be content with some Christmas lights spread across your gate accompanied by about two Christmas lanterns. What works for one business might not work for you.

Still, you may be able to deduct car , health, and even malpractice insurance premiums.

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Know you need to keep learning to keep your business growing? The Internal Revenue Service will determine if your education counts as a business expense based on whether or not the workshop, conference, or coursework provides skills necessary for your small business. From skill acquisition to client outreach, the purpose behind each business trip can vary. But the key is that your travel focuses on a business activity.

Everything from transportation costs, like airfare and Ubers, to lodging expenses should qualify. When it comes to eating out while traveling for business or entertaining clients, you have more tax deductions on your hands. What you claim depends on your paperwork: the actual receipts or your event calendar. If you save receipts, you can claim half of the cost of the actual meal.

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You may also want to consult a tax expert, especially if it is your first year claiming these itemized deductions. When it comes to tax deductions for your small business, there is nothing more important than collecting your receipts. Regardless of which deductions you are choosing, you want to make sure you can complete your return accurately.

In the event of an audit, receipts are essential. Doing math at tax time can be overwhelming. For whatever reason, you have sole proprietor status this year at tax time. At tax time, you report that full amount and you pay employment taxes on every penny. You still work a full-time job, but you also have a side hustle. You decided to create an LLC for your business. In addition to itemized deductions, you have another tax advantage coming your way. Crunch the numbers again with and without these deductions.

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Then, compare your results. The IRS distinguishes between a business and a hobby. A business qualifies for tax deductions; a hobby does not. But businesses are designed to yield a profit. If you show a loss three out of five years, you will likely be flagged by the IRS. That depends. Are you enjoying a hobby or running a business? During the lean startup phase or during a severe economic downturn, your business may not generate any revenue.

But it is important to show a profit , no matter how small, after the first two years to avoid being flagged. Businesses lose money sometimes. In short, a NOL means your deductions are more substantial than your income. It is also true that you might experience a loss even with multiple income streams. If your loss is greater than your income from other sources, you can take a deduction. However, your deduction is limited to the amount of your income.

You can actually carry over the loss into future tax years. Carrying a loss forward can reduce your taxable income for a significant amount of time depending on its magnitude. When it comes to growing your net worth, there is a lot of talk about making more income.

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However, the real secret to growing your wealth is to make sure you keep more of the money you make. Starting a side business to reduce your taxes is one way you can do that. But do the research, prepare as much as possible, and make the hard decisions now.

8 Ways To Make Money On The Side (2019)

These decisions will benefit your business now and in future years. Learn how to use tax strategies to keep more of the money you earn. Learn how to use both personal and business tax deductions. Join Phil Newton as he and Dustin discuss how to de-stress your life and achieve work-life balance while increasing your income.

Want to improve your credit score fast? Learn 3 different strategies to improve your credit score in 30 days or less.

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