Global Pharma: Managing Uncertainty (Pearson Cases in Supply Chain Management and Analytics)

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Find articles by Hossein Vatanpour. Received Nov; Accepted Dec. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract The supply chain represents the critical link between the development of new product and the market in pharmaceutical industry. Introduction The pharmaceutical industry is defined as a system of processes, operations and organizations involved in the discovery, development and production of drugs and medications.

Iranian pharmaceutical background Medicine and pharmacy are among the oldest sciences and disciplines in Iranian civilization. Generic system in iran The year witnessed the beginning of a roundup of actions aimed at adopting and implementing policies to modernize the Iranian pharmaceutical sector, which influenced this industry all the way up to Open in a separate window. Figure 1. Figure 2. Table 1 Factors and related questions. Factor dimension Questions 1.

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Results T-test analysis In the first step we have done t-test analysis for determining the situations of factors. Table 2 Result of mean difference one sample t- test. Table 3 Language term. Conclusion The pharmaceutical supply chain PSC used to be seen as a tool to supply products to market in an effective way, where the emphasis was on security of supply.


Implication During the recent decades, SCM has become a popular agenda for both the pharmaceutical industry and non-pharmaceutical industries. References 1. An empirical analysis of risk mitigation in the pharmaceutical industry supply chain. Revolution in the pharmaceutical supply chain. Geimer H, Tomlinson G. The neglected pharmaceutical supply chains. Development of a service quality scale for pharmaceutical supply chains. Healthcare Marketing.

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Smart supply chain management: a review and implications for future research | Emerald Insight

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Global Supply Chain and Operations Management

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Nichols, Jr, Application of fuzzy optimization to a supply chain network design: A case study of an edible vegetable oils manufacturer, Applied Mathematical Modelling, Volume Papageorgiou, Lazaros G. Ray, Rajesh, Ronchi, Stefano, The Internet and the Customer-Supplier Relationship. USA: Ashgate Publishing. He also worked for three years as a financial analyst for Contel Telephone Corporation.

Analytics in Supply Chain Management