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Also the entirely sober moment where I finally worked up enough nerve to tell a bunch of my coworkers that I basically write all the time and at that point had completed one novel. Sadly, the good times can never last, and over the years our increasingly less frequent visits seemed justified, as the bar became lamer and lamer. During these occasions you would actually find yourself becoming more nostalgic than usual, because there was nothing else to prop up your interest in the bar — nothing interesting was bound to happen now, a realization that compounded the gloom.

Which of course made one less inclined toward future visits.

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In December of , I drive past this place, intending to at least photograph the exterior so I have a picture for my piece. Only to discover that the entire strip mall is gone! Skip to content. Like this: Like Loading About the author I've written a bunch of books and managed to publish 4 of them. In my spare time, I also tinker around with this little history blog.

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My 5th book will be published in December April 4, December 9, It is the perfect accompaniment to a hot day up the lake. The addition of midnight wheat to the mash adds a layer of bready notes to this otherwise light and tangy Belgian Witbier. The name is a reference to the distance as the cuckoo flies between his hometown of Horrues and his new home of Powell River. This refreshing beer uses a blend of yeast and is hopped with Columbus, Saaz and Hallertau — the perfect beer for a late summer harvest evening. Blackberries provide a tart and subtle backdrop for this wheat beer.

Fuity aromatics complement this unfiltered, round-bodied summer sipper. Kathaumixw is a biennial international choral festival hosted in Powell River.

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For 5 days in July, the town is filled with the beautiful voices of dozens of choirs from all over the world. Languages pose no boundaries — people from different cultures come together to share the common language of song. Although not an IPA, this pale ale still packs a hoppy punch so prepare your nose hairs to curl up and let out a happy sigh.

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Its well-rounded maltiness makes this a session beer to anticipate with relish every October. This witbier is spicy and citrusy with a golden orange effervescence.

It is hazy by design as this style of beer is typically unfiltered. The yeast adds a layer of body to this otherwise light and easy sipper. This sour version is bright, crisp, tart, and perfect for a sunny afternoon on the patio. The floral, earthy, spicy saison flavours are complemented by a zippy tartness thanks to the use of lactobacillus.

The tartness of the blackberries is accentuated by the sourness of the lactobacillus and pairs perfectly with the roundness of the mouthfeel in this fruity witbier.

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This Charleston Charleston 2. Essentially, everything you want in a beer and then some! This second beer of the series is dedicated to YOGN 82, the vessel which replaced Charleston in the breakwater. Being a fuel barge may not be the most glamourous of war roles, but provided an essential service nonetheless.

Trappiste ale refers to a beer brewed by Monks, Abbey ale refers to a beer brewed by a brewery that may or may not have ties to a religion but is trying to mimic the Trappiste ales. Cardena features the artwork of Anna May Bennett. Think: grapefruit and passion fruit mix in a heavenly marriage of boozy elixir. Belgian ale made with candi sugar and bottle conditioned with Brettanomyces Bruxellensis. Brettanomyces Bruxellensis was added to the bottles for natural carbonation.

Which means there are 2 versions of this beer this year. The bottle and the keg will be different, one a sweet and tangy refresher and one with a layer of horse blanket funk. He is working the other end of the War on Drugs in the central valley of California. He meets a girl during one of his investigations and they find something in common--this leads to love. They eventually work on the same team and there is an odd turn of events at the end that links the Dual Novels together. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books.

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Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. A Windfall of Secrets. Eric Middleton's outward life is comfortable, mundane, safe and not going anywhere important. For much For much of his working day he attempts to cope with the twentieth century. He thinks himself into wild imaginations, drifts into reflective abstractions and tries out